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NEC Quiz: Article 406

by Mark Lamendola

Quiz Questions

Code Quiz: Article 406, Part 4 of a series

Based on the 2014 NEC

Questions and answers written by Mark Lamendola, who has worked as a master electrician, electrical inspector, and design engineer. Mark is an IEEE Senior Member, and the Code article author for Since 1996, he has been writing National Electrical Code articles for electrical trade magazines and has an extensive portfolio of hundreds of NEC articles.

Receptacles seem easy enough to install, but Code violations with them are actually quite common. So is poor workmanship. Article 406 provides the requirements for receptacles, cord connectors, and attachment plugs (caps). Take our quiz to see if you understand and can correctly apply these requirements.

  1. What are the four ways (permitted by the NEC) for identifying the grounding pole of a grounding-type receptacle?

  2. For what purposes can you use the grounding terminal?
  3. What kind of conductor must be part of a cord for you to legally use a grounding-type attachment plug on that cord?
  4. Where must you install tamper-resistant receptacles?
  5. Under what circumstance(s) can you connect a receptacle to a dimmer if that receptacle supplies lighting loads?

Answers to this quiz are here: Answers to this quiz

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