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Who is Mark Lamendola?

You may have come across the name "Mark Lamendola" in articles you read in a trade magazine or online. Mark has over 9,000 articles in print or online--then there are the interviews with him, also posted in various places.

So, you may wonder, "Just who is this character?" Well, here's the answer!

Mark Lamendola is a noted author, speaker, and trainer. He is an MBA, Certified Professional Manager, and Certified Project Manager. He's also an electrical engineer and a former Master Electrician.

The IEEE named him the Outstanding Member of 2002, for Region 5 (there are only 10 Regions in the world). Mark is an IEEE Senior Member, and has held key positions in the IEEE, Kansas City Section. He's also participated in IEEE projects internationally.


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Mark says, "I have no problem letting you know if I don't know something. I won't present on a topic if I can't do a good job. I also would like to recommend my friend, Mike Holt. I confidently sell Mike's materials and I recommend his seminars as much as I recommend my own."

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