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NEC Quiz: Article 402

by Mark Lamendola

Quiz Questions

Code Quiz: Article 402

Based on the 2014 NEC

Questions and answers written by Mark Lamendola, who has worked as a master electrician, electrical inspector, and design engineer. Mark is an IEEE Senior Member, and the Code article author for Since 1996, he has been writing National Electrical Code articles for electrical trade magazines and has an extensive portfolio of hundreds of NEC articles.

You'll find very few odd-numbered Articles in Chapter 4. The Chapter begins with Article 400, then goes to the one we're quizzing you on now: 402.

We had 4 installments to cover Article 400, but Article 402 consists mostly of one big fixture wire table.

  1. What is the name of Article 402's fixture wire table, and what is its purpose?

  2. If a type of fixture wire isn't listed in the fixture wire table, what must you do before using it?
  3. From an application standpoint, why should you care what the AWG is of the fixture wire conductors as noted in the fixture wire table?
  4. If fixture wires are intended to be used as grounded conductors, how must they be identified?
  5. What are the permitted and not permitted uses of fixture wires?

Answers to this quiz are here: Answers to this quiz

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