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NEC Quiz: Article 110

by Mark Lamendola

Quiz Questions

Code Quiz: Article 110

Based on the 2005 NEC

Questions and answers written by Mark Lamendola, who has worked as a master electrician, electrical inspector, and design engineer. Mark is an IEEE Senior Member, and the Code article author for Since 1996, he has been writing National Electrical Code articles for electrical trade magazines and has an extensive portfolio of hundreds of NEC articles..

  1. In what way must you use listed or labeled?

  2. What does the NEC mean by "neat and workmanlike manner?"

  3. What are you supposed to do with unused openings in enclosures?

  4. What are two rules that apply to mounting equipment?

  5. Can you mix aluminum and copper devices in a circuit?

  6. What is normally the limiting factor when choosing a conductor temperature rating?

  7. Does Article 110 apply to all circuits the same way?

  8. Does the NEC require three feet of working space in front of equipment?

  9. What are the three requirements for guarding of live parts?

  10. What is the rule regarding fixed ladders in vaults and tunnels?

Answers to this quiz are here: Answers to this quiz

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