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NEC Quiz: Article 430 Answers, Part 3

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. The answer is X is 1 hp. You can have a separate overload device, thermal protector (or electronically protected), or something integral with the motor; motors over 1500 hp must have a special protective device as required by 430.32(A)(4)..

  2. Yes, whether the motor is automatically started [430.32(B)] or permanently installed and manually started [430.32(D)]. If it's not permanently installed, follow the requirements of 430.32(D)(2).

  3. You can use the next size up (this is called the "next size up" rule), within the limits imposed by 430.32(C). If the motor still won't start, you probably have the wrong motor for the application or there is something wrong with the installation or the operation. For example, the motor won't start because it's deadheading a pump.
  4. See Table 430.37, which answers this for variations of 1-phase anad 2-phase motors, as well. For three-phase motors, you need three overload protection units and you install one in each phase.
  5. For branch circuits rated 125V or 250V, the maximum is 15A [430.42(C)].