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NEC Quiz: Article 314, Part 1 Answers

by Mark Lamendola

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  1. Where raceway or connectors requiring locknuts or bushings are to be connected to the outside of the box [314.2].

  2. Only where you have open wiring on insulators, concealed knob and tube, cabled wiring methods with entirely nonmetallic sheaths, flexible cords, and nonmetallic raceways [314.3]. There are two exceptions. You can also use these where you have internal bonding means or integral bonding means that meet the specific requirements of Exception 1 or 2.

  3. Bond them per Article 250 [14.4]. Read the Article 100 definitions of grounding and bonding, and understand that the main purpose of bonding metallic objects in an electrical system is to eliminate differences of potential between them. The bonding system also provides a low impedance path for undesired current to travel so it can get back to the source without going through motor bearings, people, or other un-preferred paths.

  4. Install them to prevent moisture from entering or accumulating within [314.15].

  5. Per Informational Note 2 of 314, see 300.6 and follow those requirements.