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National Electrical Code Violations

We see Code violations all the time. And where there's one, there are usually many. For example, look at the photo at right. How many Code violations can you see? Click on the photo to get a clear view. Go ahead--you should be able to see at least six violations. KCViolation_001.jpg (49597 bytes)

If you saw less than six Code violations, you need to start taking Mike Holt's Code courses. And, yes, we at Codebookcity have contributed to those courses. Don't think we're being tricky on the Code violations count. We spotted 12 Code violations. If you can't get half that many, you need Mike Holt's Code courses.

Now, can you spot the Code violations in the pictures below? These pictures are the property of Joe Tedesco. Joe is a nationally-recognized NEC expert, trainer, and author.

TedescoViolation_0001.jpg (80064 bytes), code violations  TedescoViolation_0004.jpg (33307 bytes) TedescoViolation_0003.jpg (54019 bytes) TedescoViolation_0002.jpg (14974 bytes)

TedescoViolation_0005.jpg (85336 bytes)

TedescoViolation_0006.jpg (106958 bytes)

Check out these Nonmetallic Cable installations. How many violations can you spot?