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National Electrical Code Articles and Information

National Electrical Code Articles and Information

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That's a good question. Here's a quote from one of the marketing managers at APC, to Mark Lamendola (the owner of Codebookcity) shortly after Mark's departure from an editorial post: "You are one of the most ethical editors I know." That high ethical standard is present on Codebookcity, as well.

So, you are going to get fair and ethical treatment from me, Mark Lamendola, if you buy via Codebookcity. That includes seminar services, as well as code books. Where do we go for our codebook suppliers? and Bookmark--both highly reputable.

Our prices are competitive, but we aren't trying to stay in business by undercutting everyone on price. We have been in business since 1997 by applying high ethical standards and providing superior customer service.

We also provide a wealth of code information on this site. Buying your codebooks here means there will be more resources available for free articles. It also means you can contact us if you have questions, concerns, or problems. Try contacting Amazon--you'll be lucky to get a meaningless form mail back, but we provide personalized service.

Here are more answers to that question.

  • The proprietor, Mark Lamendola, walks the walk. This company isn't run by slick accountants. It's run by someone who has worked in the industry and is widely recognized within it. Mark has worked the whole range, from design to construction to maintenance. He's worked on tools, and he's worked behind a desk. He's worked on small crews and he's run large organizations.
  • This isn't a big company out to grab your money, nor is it a fly-by-night outfit out to do the same thing. Codebookcity is part of, which has been in business since 1997.
  • Personal service. No "Dial 8 if you lost your fingertips in a blizzard" or some other such nonsense.
  • Secure ordering. We use the latest encryption and security techniques, so your credit card information is actually far safer than when you use your credit card at a restaurant, grocery store, or department store. Think about that. If you buy in those locations, then buying from us is every bit as safe--and more.
  • Privacy. We don't share your information with anyone.

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