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Linking Policy

Codebookcity is a property of Mindconnection LLC, which has been in business since 1997. We have a large and loyal audience, and they are our first concern. Thus, our linking policy is geared toward them.

We aren't concerned with trading links for the heck of it, or out of hopes search engine spiders will improve our listings and make us instant billionaires. Our listings are high because of quality content, not because of "strategic linking" or linking tricks.

Please observe the Do and Don't items, below.


Do Don't
  • Write to us with a link to a page with relevant content. Tell us what page you'd like your link to appear on (this lets us know you have looked at our site and are interested in proceeding intelligently, rather than blindly).
  • Observe the linking structure on the page where you want your link to appear on. Some of these pages merely list the URL, others include a description. We are transitioning to descriptions.
  • Send details that matter to people visiting a page. For example, describe the linked-to page accurately.
  • Remember that we post links on relevant content pages.
  • Keep your message clear and concise.
  • Try to keep spelling and grammar errors down to a dull roar. We do proofread, but you should also check these things. We are bombarded by link requests that look like third-graders wrote them.

  • Write to us with specs on Page Rank. We don't care about Page Rank. We care about the quality of the site we are linking to.
  • Ask for a link exchange if your site is a freeyellow, geocities, or other freebie site. We are a commercial business, and we trade links with commercial sites.
  • Ask us to fill out your form. Ain't gonna happen.
  • Send us a description that contains garbage: "premier site," or best this or that. Keep it factual.
  • Expect us to post your link in "exchange" for a link on a links page. Nobody visits such a page, and you are essentially getting a one-way link from us. That's hardly fair.
  • Write to us with a lecture on the value of linking. We aren't stupid. We know the value of linking.
  • Ask us to link to a page that says, "Welcome...." or has some other meaningless and amateur text. Ditto for cheesy music, flash, pop-ups, and other user-hostile annoyances.